This week Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced that her office had settled the complaint of Erious Johnson, a senior Assistant Attorney General who had been racially profiled by investigators at the agency. 

The settlement offered to Mr. Johnson required that he resign his position as a Senior Assistant Attorney General. The Attorney General issued a statement that it wasn't her decision, but that Oregon's Department of Administrative Services required that any settlement include Mr. Johnson's resignation. 


10/13/17 - Salem -  The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) announced today that it has endorsed prospective 2018 Initiative Petition 28 (IP 28) and intends to assist in signature-gathering for the measure.

IP 28 is an amendment to the Oregon Constitution that will allow the state to regulate campaign contributions and expenditures, including disclosures, by bringing the state constitution into alignment with the U.S. Constitution.

Statement on ICE detention of Washington County Employee

9/22/17 - Salem -  Attorney General Jeff Sessions visit to Portland this week was part of a national junket by the AG to highlight criminal conduct by undocumented workers in this country.  This tour is clearly intended to create a media narrative that stokes nativist fears and justifies policies that threaten the basic civil liberties of every American, but especially those in our immigrant communities or who merely look like immigrants.   


9/5 - SALEM -  Officers of the Independent Party of Oregon have released the following statement on the Trump administration's decision to end the DACA program.  "Forcing people to leave the only country they have ever known as home is inhumane and contrary to our core values as Americans.  Dreamers are overwhelmingly employed, in school or in the military and contribute to the success of this country.

IPO Statement on "OUR OREGON" Complaints About Ballot Measure Rule Making

For the past decade, Our Oregon and the politicians that their coalition has financed, have severely undermined the right and ability of ordinary citizens to use ballot title process.   Their organization files lawsuits (ballot title challenges in the Oregon Supreme Court) against nearly every proposed ballot measure that they oppose.  They do this as a tactic to delay the signature gathering process by an average of 4 months, sometimes much longer, regardless of the quality of the ballot title they are challenging.

Statement of IPO officers on Charlottesville Shooting

Right wing nationalism is on the rise in the United States.  Although we have not seen the same degree of violence in Oregon, we are saddened to see so many Republican politicians in this state catering to the kinds of disreputable and racist sentiments that are giving rise to violence in Charlottesville and other places.   We call on leaders of both political parties, and especially those who have sought the Independent Party's cross nomination to condemn this violence and the kinds of rhetoric and organizing tactics that have helped to create it.   

IPO Announces Presidential Preference Ballot

The Independent Party of Oregon announced today the dates for its upcoming Presidential Preference Primary. The Secretary of State declined to print any names on the presidential preference poll for the IPO ballot. This was confusing and deprived IPO members of a meaningful opportunity to express their opinions. The Independent Party is therefore running its own membership wide poll among members and non-affiliated voters to provide those voters with a meaningful choice.

Oregon Secretary of State Blocks Campaign Finance Reform Initiative Petition

May 25 - SALEM - In a stunning display of democracy suppression, this afternoon the Secretary of State of Oregon refused to issue a ballot title for Initiative Petition 77 for 2016, which would amend the Oregon Constitution to allow limits on political campaign contributions and expenditures and allow laws requiring disclosure of the true sources and amounts of such contributions or expenditures in the communications they fund.


May 17, 2016 - Primary election notes

  • The Independent Party's 2016 Primary election was the largest third party nominating process in Oregon history, in terms of the number of voters participating.
  • IPO had 17 candidates filed with another 15 endorsed candidates (including 9 incumbents) seeking the party's nomination by write in.
  • More non-affiliated voters requested an IPO ballot than in any open primary in history (20,660).
  • IPO endorsed several write-in candidates for the IPO nomination in state legislative and local races.  Based on the candidates who have filed, the results of several of those races could have a significant impact on the fall ballot in legislative districts in southern and eastern Oregon.