Name:  Rob Harris
Occupation:  Attorney
City:  Hillsboro

Rob Harris is the party's most active volunteer.  A member since 2008, he has voted in every IPO election since 2010 and has served in a number of volunteer capacities including candidate recruitment, fundraising, social media, grapic design and strategic planning for the party.   He has served in official roles as a policy advisor since 2010, representing the party as IPO delegate to the Secretary of State’s Campaign Finance Reform Task Force.

He graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland and has worked as an associate at a large law firm, as a Washington County Deputy District Attorney, and is currently in Private practice in Hillsboro where he founded and is the managing partner of Harris Law Firm, the largest  private law firm in Washington County. He currently is serving on the Board of Directors of the Washington County Bar Association and is the Presiding Member of the Washington County Bench/Bar committee.

During his legal career he has aserved as the Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge  (9 years) and as a Hearings Officer for Clackamas County, Metro and Clean Water Services.  He also established and acts as the executive director of the Washington County indigent defense consortium one of the largest legal defense consortiums in the State.

Besides his law firm, he founded and managed two other businesses, including a construction business that specialized in bridge rehabilitation projects, where he was instrumental in getting a new type of bridge expansion joint approved at the Oregon Washington and Idaho Departments of Transportation. 

He has previously served his community in many other capacities, including as a Director of the Hillsboro Library, Board Member of the Hillsboro Library Foundation, Co - Chair of the Hillsboro Plaza design committee, and will be running on the nomination slate (September, 2016) to be a Board Member of he Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce.

He founded and is the chief writer for Oregon Outpost ( an Independent news, opinion and political analysis site focused on Independent Oregon.

He lives and works in Hillsboro, Oregon with his wife of 30 years. He has three wonderful and successful adult daughters.