10/13/17 - Salem -  The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) announced today that it has endorsed prospective 2018 Initiative Petition 28 (IP 28) and intends to assist in signature-gathering for the measure.

IP 28 is an amendment to the Oregon Constitution that will allow the state to regulate campaign contributions and expenditures, including disclosures, by bringing the state constitution into alignment with the U.S. Constitution.

"We will use the signature-gathering process to raise awareness about the need for campaign finance reform and build support for a reform agenda that will make government more responsive to everyday citizens," said IPO chair Dan Meek, a principle drafter of Multnomah County Measure 26-184, a campaign finance reform measure which passed last year in Multnomah county with 89% "yes" votes (see http://mult.honest-elections.com).

Studies show that Oregon state-level political campaigns are among the most expensive in the country, costing between $300,000 to $1 million or more per candidate in contested legislative races.  The Oregonian reported that Oregon was second only to New Jersey in per capita campaign spending for state legislative races, even though over 80% of those races in Oregon are not seriously contested (due to the way district lines are drawn).

The nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity in 2015 rated Oregon "F" in avoiding corruption when it comes to political financing, lobbying disclosure, executive accountability, procurement, ethics enforcement, and pension fund management (http://bit.ly/1MifhFl).  The Center ranked Oregon 2nd worst in America on political finance regulation, better only that Mississippi. 

"Campaign finance reform is not a magic bullet solution to our election problems, but it is one of several reforms we need to make our government more responsive to ordinary citizens," said Rob Harris, an IPO state council member.

Petition signature sheets can be downloaded at www.indparty.com/cfr.


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