The Independent Party of Oregon announced today the dates for its upcoming Presidential Preference Primary. The Secretary of State declined to print any names on the presidential preference poll for the IPO ballot. This was confusing and deprived IPO members of a meaningful opportunity to express their opinions. The Independent Party is therefore running its own membership wide poll among members and non-affiliated voters to provide those voters with a meaningful choice.

The Presidential preference balloting and member survey will be conducted from July 4th through July 18th. It is open to all Oregon voters who are registered as either non-affiliated or as  Independent Party members by June 24th, 2016. 

The preference ballot will use a voting method known as "approval voting", which allows voters to select all candidates they would support, not just one candidate. The top vote getter wins the balloting unless "None of the Above" receives more votes. 

The final ballot is as yet to be determined but will at least include the following candidates:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Jill Stein (Green) 
  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
  • None of the Above

This is the *only* presidential preference ballot in the country in 2016 that will allow voters to select "None of the Above" as an alternative to Clinton and Trump. IPO members and non-affiliated voters will also be invited to participate in a member preference poll that will help the party to determine its 2017 platform and agenda at the Oregon Legislature.

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Who is eligible to vote?  

Voters who are registered non-affiliated (NAV) or members of the Independent Party of Oregon as of June 24h are entitled to participate in the party's 2016 Presidential Preference Primary Election.  Balloting will take place from June 4th - July 18th, 2016.  Even if you voted in another party's primary election, you are eligible to participate, so long as you are a registered member of the Independent Party (or registered non-affiliated with any party) by that date. 

Why is IPO conducting this election?  Didn't Oregon just have a primary?

The Secretary of State declined to place any candidates on the IPO ballot for the Presidential preference primary in May, despite our request that she do so.  As a result, IPO is conducting its own preference primary with named candidates and has started working with the Independence Party of Minnesota to build a national coalition of independent parties.

Why does this election matter?

Because Oregon allows a candidate who is nominated by more than one party
to list up to 3 such parties after the candidate's name on the ballot, the winner of the IPO nomination will be eligible to have the Independent Party nomination listed next to his or her name on the Oregon ballot (e.g., "Green, Independent" or "Libertarian, Independent").

Why include "None of the Above"?

Legitimacy of our government is based on public consent.  Including "none of the above" on our party's ballot allows voters to express their full range of views about the candidates they are choosing from.  

What is the method in election?

We will use a voting method known as "approval voting" or "preference voting" that allows each voter to cast votes for all candidates they support, not just one candidate.

What happens if Bernie Sanders wins the IPO election but loses the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton?

The Secretary of State has asserted that IPO cannot nominate any candidate who appeared on Oregon's presidential preference primary ballot but does not ultimately receive the major party nomination for President that she or he is seeking.  Thus, Bernie Sanders cannot receive the IPO nomination, if he does not win the Democratic nomination. This could be challenged in court, if the candidate were to support such an effort.