SALEM - 2/3/2016 -  Former State Representative, Jim Thompson has filed to run as an Independent candidate for State Representative in House District 23.  

"I am glad to see Jim Thompson running in House District 23," said State Lottery Commissioner Chris Telfer, also a former Republican, who is running for State Treasurer.  "I had the pleasure of serving with Jim in the Oregon legislature and found him to be a very effective legislator.  We need people who believe in basic fairness and who will put the needs and interests of all Oregonians and stand up to the kind of hyper-partisanship and demagoguery that has become the status quo in politics."  

The incumbent, Mike Nearman, faces a Republican primary challenge from Beth Jones, a Dallas-area city councilor and pastor.

In 2014, Nearman defeated Thompson in the Republican Primary, after receiving more than more than $150,000 in campaign contributions by Oregon Right to Life and Oregon Family Council.

"Mr. Nearman's extremist views are a much better fit for a partisan primary election than they are for a general election.  I am glad to have him as an Independent candidate," said IPO Secretary, Sal Peralta.

Thompson is the 7th Independent Party candidate to file for the state legislature in the 2016 election cycle.   The deadline for candidate filings is March 8th.