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We’ve heard you

  • You are concerned about the corrupting influence of big money in politics. Whether it’s from the Kochs or Soros.
  • You no longer trust the major parties or their so called “non profit”  “experts” from the Heritige Foundation or Media Matters because they are funded by theses same special interests and big money.

Now Please Hear Us

We’ve talked a lot  of you about finding a funding base to pay for basic operations such as member outreach, printing, mail costs and staff support. We’ve considered seeking out a few large donor philanthropists. But we feel that for a true independent party, whose members are disgusted with the influence of  big money in politics, the only donor base the IPO should be developing is… You 


Our Members and Supporters

We know you care and we know you vote. Now, we need you to Give by making a small monthly donation


Walk the talk - Become a Sustaining Member - Possibly at no cost to you. 

Sign up today for small monthly payments billed directly to your credit card and support the fight for independent voting rights.


For a recurring paymenet of just $4.17 per month, you will be a member of the  IPO’s Sustaining  Member Circle. For many of you, this will cost nothing. Because of Oregon’s refundable tax credit when you file your taxes, you’ll be able to reduce your taxes the entire $50 annual contribution.

What you get as a Sustaining Member Circle

  • You will be included on regular emails on the latest news about the fight for Independent voter rights.
  • Your name will be listed on a special page of the IPO website as part of the Sustaining Member Circle
  • And the first 2,000 members of the Sustaining Circle will be given special recognition as the first group of Independent Voters in the nation that invested in the new Independent Voter political era as Independent Voter Pioneers

We can succeed. But we need help from civic minded informed voters. LIKE YOU

PLEASE, join the fight Become an agent of change today. If you've been talking the talk. Its time to Walk the walk.

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